Tired of not knowing what services to offer
OR never making enough money?


I can show you how to turn your business around with a few simple tweaks.Today.



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Hi, I’m April Lewis.

I teach people how to make it rain. Money, that is.

Not just chump change either… and it's not salesy or sleazy.

I listen to people. I understand how their business works. I connect the dots of...

  • what they want
  • and what they need
  • with the resources they're lacking...

Then I fit the pieces together like the best income igniting business pivot they've ever seen.

Don't believe me? See for yourself...

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I've been where you are. I struggled to make $1200/month when I first started out as an online service provider.

The first year was the toughest. I would work from 6am til midnight. My son would get so angry because I wasn't taking care of myself properly. I was diagnosed with diabetes, and later, Hashimoto's disease.

But I knew that if I kept trying, kept plugging away, and didn't give up... I'd win.

And friend, in my opinion, I have.

My health is much better. So much so that my doctor is considering taking me off my diabetes medications.

I work three days a week, about 6 hours a day on average.

I travel when I want, where I want.

I have the freedom to choose. I'm not chained by my circumstances, fear, or lack mentality.

Last year I came in just under $75k.

I've had several $8k months. A few $10k and $12k months. I've put together five figure course launches, for myself and clients.

Do you want to know HOW I accomplished this in under a matter of months?

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