14 Tips to Improve Social Media Hustle

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If you’re an online service provider such as myself, then a social media presence is necessary to succeed.  And it really doesn’t matter if you like doing your social media ‘to-do’ list or not.  I’m of the mind that if you have a task you avoid, no matter the reason, figure out a way to make it work for you… or the task will make you work for it.

So I sat down and wrote out all the ways I handle social media successfully for my business.  

I started as a full time VA in February of 2015.  By July, I was able to pay all my monthly expenses with my VA income.  And by December I was making 1/3 over the highest income I had ever earned in my adult life.  I have had multiple days of signing two clients per day.  Recently I signed three clients in one day.  Every single one of those clients was found in a Facebook group.

So I’m not just blowing smoke.  I’ve been where you are and still am.  But I make social media work for me; I don’t work for it.

Here are my best 14 Tips to Help Perfect Your Social Media Hustle & Get More clients!

14 Tips to Help Perfect Your Social Media Hustle & Get More Clients

  1. I schedule time every day to peruse my social media accounts, mainly Facebook groups.  I look for client opportunities three times a day, 10 minutes each time.
  2. I answer any and all ads on posts for tasks I’m qualified to do.
  3. I answer ads for work I know I CAN’T do. And I don’t charge any less for them.  Most programs are similar so if you know one, you can get around another one.  But either way, I don’t charge clients for learning curve or learning time. They always love that.
  4. I follow up. I post a simple message on the main chat thread that says I’m sending a p.m. Then I send a simple message that says, “I’d love to speak with you about your VA opportunity. My website is www.aprildlewis.com.  Looking forward to speaking with you.” If I haven’t heard back within 3 days, I follow up.
  5. I’m honest about what I can’t/won’t do. If I flat out don’t know how to do something, I say that. If I flat out don’t like to do something, I tell them what it is.  Life’s too short. It’s your business.  Run it the way you need.  There’s no point in creating a lifestyle you’re miserable in because you’re afraid of losing a job.  Love the work you do.  And be honest about what you don’t. Own it.
  6. I have a trusted partner. One of my best friends is my back up girl. She knows way more than I do. If I get in over my head she bails me out. She also does my overflow. This allows me to never have to turn down work. And I think it keeps her pretty busy in a happy way, too.  It helps if their skill set is stronger in different areas, too.
  7. Start tagging friends and associates.  If you do this for each other it creates your own job hunting network.  Even in large groups people will start to associates names and profile pics.  It’s a great marketing/networking tool just flocking together in a group.
  8. I am kind of a Jill of all Trades. And I don’t think it’s a weakness to be that way either. I’m not saying having a niche isn’t good. I’m just saying do what works for YOU! If you like making yourself a little nest in a niched group/specialty, nest away happily. I’m kind of A.D.D. and too many things interest me and if I put my mind to it I can do/learn almost anything… IF I WANT TO!
  9. I do searches in groups for keywords for tasks I love, like ebook projects, opt in freebie projects, graphics work, etc. KEY to finding work I love AND one off projects to fill my production schedule.  I also do this to find conversations about the work I love. This is important because of #12 and #13.
  10. Use the Facebook save post/save link feature!  And ALWAYS come back to act on those posts.  I know you can’t spend your day on social media.  Neither can I.  But some things are true in life and business.  Like, the early bird gets the worm.  I can’t tell you how many times being the first person to answer a post has gotten me a job.  Or how answering a private message as soon as it comes in has gotten me the client.  We are an instant gratification society.  Most entrepreneurs are time strapped.  They need help now.  You HAVE to be ready to hustle on a moment’s notice.  So, even if you can’t answer that post right away, mark it, come back to it as soon as you can, and when the potential client messages you, turn off the time clock for the task you are working on and give them your attention long enough to get them on a hook and book a call.
  11. Give yourself a unique selling proposition.  There’s a reason you are you and do it better than anyone else.  If someone points out something you’re good at and you never thought about it before because it’s like breathing for you, make note of that and figure out a way to capitalize on it.  For example, it’s been pointed out I’m good at stalking groups and getting work.  I think there’s something to it.  In the past three months I have gotten 2 clients in the same day three times and 3 clients in the same day one time.  So now I have opportunities to work with people just because of that skill.  It gets me noticed.  Gets me out there.
  12. I comment on chat threads.  If there’s a thread that’s remotely to do with any topic I know even a little about, I talk.  I offer suggestions.  I ask questions.  I make a connection.  I have had at least 3 clients come to me weeks after the fact and say hey, I was in this chat thread with you and I am ready to hire a VA.  BOOM!  I did absolutely nothing to work for that client really.  I didn’t have to sell them.  I didn’t have to bait them.  I didn’t even talk with them on the phone yet.  All I did was join a conversation.
  13. I look for one off jobs.  Let’s be honest.  Every single one of us is guilty of being attached to social media enabled gadgets.  Don’t even try to deny it.  So I made up my mind that if I’m near a gadget and I’ve nothing better to do, I’ll try to make money.  May as well.  So in the evenings when I’m kicked back with my feet up with Friends or Seinfeld reruns on in the background, I’ll work on a logo project I’m getting paid $100 for.  Or I’ll ask a current client if I have their permission to make up a graphics project so I can use it for my portfolio to get MORE jobs like the one I create for them.
  14. Think outside the box.  For example, I hate social media and anything to do with social media tasks.  It’s part of the reason I was able to come up with an awesome product to sell.  I peruse Facebook groups searching for the term social media and look at any threads where people are chatting about pain points.  I see if there is any way I can offer a solution with my product and jump in the conversation.  Same can be said for your VA business.  If there are tasks you love more than others, or that you can CHARGE more than others for, search them out and maximize your possibilities. Just because you aren’t a social media manager or FB ads strategist doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer that person.  Because how much skill and knowledge would it take to offer a FB ads strategist your services to install pixels for their clients?  Or to come up with a social media posting calendar they could use as a template for all clients.  Take some of the tedious out of the bulk of their workload.  THAT’s how you make them see they need YOU above all else.
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  1. Jennifer on June 8, 2016 at 7:01 AM

    I’d add using the alt-tag on your images: write a little story about the image or a lead-in to the blog post. Then, when people pin it, they’re sharing your story too! It makes your work hustle for you.

    • April on June 8, 2016 at 4:43 PM

      Awesome tip, Jennifer. I’m going to add that. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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