5 Social Media Myths

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I’ve shared before how much of a pain point social media can be.  And when you’re just starting out and already so overwhelmed, social media can seem like the nail in your impossible to do list’s coffin.  Part of the reason is because you’re focusing on the wrong stuff.  So today I’m going to dispel a few notions.

5 Social Media Myths

  1. You need an account on every social media platform.  NOT!  You don’t have to have an active profile on ALL social media channels to be successful.  Period.  Nothing else needs to be said really.  And I DO speak from experience on this.  You just need to be active on the platform where your target market is active.  So do a little research to find out where your peeps are hanging, and go join them!
  2. You have to do everything you can to reach as many people as possible.  Not even close to being true.  You just need to be authentic and people will come to you.  It’s really that simple.  You will attract what you are putting out into the digital world.  And be very intentional with the actions you do implement, like have a basic funnel for list building and optimize every avenue you have to capture those people like optimizing your Facebook Business Page About info, having a contact form on your website, and offering a lead magnet that will draw in interested readers.
  3. Scheduling tools reduce engagement and other social media analytic numbers.  FALSE!  This isn’t true anymore.  So, use a scheduling tool for regular posting.  Now, depending on your most effective channel, the tool can change.  For me, I use eClincher.  eClincher allows you to publish and schedule posts while building a content library that can be recycled, there is a unified inbox so every social channel connected to your account will filter private messages to one inbox, you can view social media analytics, if you’re a Canva user you can directly connect to Canva and make a graphic then upload directly to a post all within the eClincher dashboard, you can create an amazing feed for content curation using either Pocket or Feedly, and ALL popular social media channels have integrations including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, InstaGram, YouTube, Blogger, Google+, and more!
  4. You can’t be active on social media and stay productive.  This one’s gonna depend on you and how disciplined you can be with your time. If you’re smart, you’ll create a schedule for social media related tasks and stick to it.  Also, have a social media content plan/calendar and stick to it!  This will take the guess work out of WHAT to post and WHEN.
  5. I have to have a certain percentage of shares, comments, and likes or I don’t have a successful social media campaign that’s growing my business.  Numbers mean nothing.  Truly.  It’s all about communication and making a connection.  At the end of the day, that’s really all that matters.  That’s what’s going to keep bringing people to you, and keep people with you-quality engagement.
5 myths about social media


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