3 Reasons Amazon Associates is Not the Best Way to Earn Passive Income

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It feels like Amazon is trying to take over the world some days. I’m about fed up to HERE with it because I’m one of those mom and pop store supporters, helping the local and/or American economy every chance I can. But the worst offense Amazon commits is the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

AA (Amazon Associates) has the potential to be hugely beneficial for both sides but… their program and policies are the worst I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of affiliate programs, folks. It’s what I do!

A good affiliate program has worthwhile commissions and makes it easy for the affiliates to earn those dollars. I mean, everyone knows the money is in the list, i.e., their email list. Right? With AA, you aren’t allowed to share links via email marketing. HUGE no-no in my book!

Now, I KNOW people love shopping on Amazon. I’ve bought multiple things from there, sue me for being controversial and contradictory in the same blog post 🙂 But honestly, I refuse to buy products from my friends and colleagues with an amazon affiliates link. I make them share an affiliate link with an actual company for what I need to buy. There are many, MANY reasons why I’m hard headed about this. But here’s just 3 of the reasons Amazon Associates is not the best way to earn passive income.

The Top 3 Reasons NOT to Use Amazon Associates

  1. You have no control over ANYTHING, Amazon does. And it can be gone in less than the blink of an eye. Amazon shuts down TONS of accounts FREQUENTLY. And when they do, if you have money you’ve earned in your account, you will not get it when/if your account gets shut down.
  2. Their policies are complex and change FREQUENTLY. It’s near impossible to keep up with them all and stay compliant. Hence, all the amazon accounts getting shut down, ad nauseam. Have a look for yourself here.
  3. The affiliate commission structure for AA is the lowest I’ve ever seen. Literally. And it’s a tiered structure from .01% to 10% with only the most popular items, like electronics, earning the higher commissions. You can make much more money promoting products directly from the company’s own affiliate program. Below is the percentages per category for their program.

Plus their cookie is only a 24 hour cookie, unless a shopper adds and item to their shopping cart. Then it’s a 90 day cookie. AND, AA doesn’t support PayPal payments for earnings.

Really, I could go on and on but I’ll stop here.

I’m not trying to bash Amazon. Like, at all. I clearly stated above that I shop with Amazon regularly. But if I’m going to support a friend’s business, I’d rather support THEIR business, not Amazon’s. And Amazon isn’t going anywhere. It’s only getting bigger and bigger. For my money, I’d rather help other smaller entrepreneurs than help another mega store/brand.

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3 cupcakes represent reasons NOT to do Amazon Associates


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