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From Timid to Confident
as an Online Service Provider

Become a confident online service provider

Content Updated: March 29, 2019 When I first started out as a virtual assistant, my closest experience to use as a reference for remote work was my position with a WAH company as a customer service supervisor. Which isn’t really related at all… life has a funny way of directing your path though, right? I…

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How to Avoid Overspending on Facebook Ads

Overspending on Facebook ads is like buying gold headphones

When it comes to Facebook ads, some days it’s like speaking Greek or pulling teeth to get me to understand the level of patience and commitment it takes to manage long term testing and optimization of a traditional campaign. Seriously, I just can’t deal with the drama and the up & down of it all.…

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The Best $10 You’ll Spend in Your Business

Assessing financials for investments with a high rate of return

There’s a couple of tools that I recommend to everyone… online service providers like myself, even clients in different industries like accounting, health related fields, and web development… because we ALL take client and potential client calls., hopefully lots of them! And we ALL need to use an amazing tool that keeps us on time…

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