The Best $10 You’ll Spend in Your Business

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There’s a couple of tools that I recommend to everyone… online service providers like myself, even clients in different industries like accounting, health related fields, and web development… because we ALL take client and potential client calls., hopefully lots of them! And we ALL need to use an amazing tool that keeps us on time to save the day. RIGHT?!? Which brings us to, the best $10 you’ll spend in your business.

You don’t have to be around me long to know that I am the biggest ConvertKit fangirl around. I talk about it every day. I work in it every day. And I share it with at least one new person, you guessed it, every. day! But if I had to pick a second favorite tool that I spread the love about almost as much, it would be Acuity Scheduling.

Acuity is one of those low cost tools that can make a huge difference in your bottom line, by giving you back time while saving you tons of money.  It is a super affordable platform for $10/month (or $110/year, you’ll get a month free if you pay a year in advance).

But it’s SO MUCH MORE than a scheduling tool.

What’s so great about Acuity?  

Let me count the ways $10 can change your life. I’ll give you the whole list here, then breakdown a few of them to prove just how necessary this beastmode productivity tool can be.

You can use Acuity Scheduling as…

  • a payment processor
  • a scheduler
  • it integrates with the FB pixel so you can track funnel conversions OFF a webpage to book a call
  • by setting daily/weekly call limits, if you only want to have 6 calls per week, you can turn that feature on
  • it integrates with your email service provider, growing your email list while bringing in potential client calls
  • it has intake form functionality
  • it integrates with Google calendar
  • it can function as a CRM
  • you can use it as an autoresponder, follow up emails leading up to and after a call can be automatically set up within Acuity
  • it integrates with Facebook pages so you can add a contact page that shows up as your Acuity scheduling page
  • on website builds, I encourage clients to skip the traditional contact form and have all contact buttons lead to an Acuity scheduling link because it increases the amount of calls booked, which leads to an increase in clients signed

Now I know that’s a decent sized list. And maybe you can’t think about all the ways those features are helpful. So let me help you out here by sharing with you the benefits to some of those features, too.

Number One Unique Way to Use Acuity Scheduling: To sign clients/students up for recurring courses, workshops, and/or coaching.

Yep, you heard me right. When you use Acuity as your CRM, payment processor (attached to PayPal), auto responder, and then integrate it with Zoom and your email provider… you’ve got yourself a heck of an inexpensive tech stack to offer recurring and one off workshops, live course trainings, and coaching calls… to individuals AND groups!

Number Two Unique Way to Use Acuity Scheduling: As a work/life balance boundary enforcer.

Uh huh, I’m laying this responsibility at Acuity’s doorstep. Because… well, I can. It’s a tool to run my business efficiently, right? And part of that is having good time boundaries.

I only allow calls to be booked  Tuesday to Thursday from 1pm to 3pm CST. That’s it.

BUT WHAT’S MORE… I also have my Acuity account setup to only accept 6 calls per week. That’s six hours of calls that shows as available in Acuity. But once six people book, Acuity automatically marks the rest of the time slots as taken.

This is super helpful to me because I close a high percentage of potential client calls. I have to have boundaries on how many people book. Otherwise, I’d bring in way more work than I can handle. I can only onboard so many one off client projects and coaching clients at a time. Acuity helps me manage this with no hiccups from the user perspective.

AND I can also set up my Acuity account to not let anyone schedule or cancel a call if the appointment time is less than 24 hours out. This keeps people from really jacking up my schedule with unexpected pop ups and cancellations. When I got to bed on Monday night and my Google calendar says there were no appointments booked from 1-3pm CST on Tuesday, then I know that when I wake up Tuesday, I have two hours to plan at will instead of being at the whim of a client or potential client.

Number Three Unique Way to Use Acuity Scheduling: To significantly increase the amount of discovery calls booked.

I saved the best for last. I use 17hats as another one of my favorite tools. But that’s a blog post for another day. So I’ll keep info on that tool short here… I will say that I prefer the 17hats intake forms. On my website, anywhere there’s an opportunity to get info from leads, you’ll find a 17hats form. But here’s where it gets interesting… Once the potential client hits submit on that form, they are redirected to an Acuity link to book a call. This does a few things…

While leads are already inputting information about their project and taking action… it gets them to book a call right then. The first couple weeks I implemented this strategy, I went from 2 average potential client calls per week to 8 average potential calls per week. I wrote all about it here.

Plus, the intake form itself is built in such a way that the questions also pre-qualify the leads. I ask for project information, price ranges, etc. This will help keep undesirables from getting through your systems and wasting your time.

So there you have it. I’ve given you another favorite tool, Acuity Scheduling, and shared the awesome ways I use it to IMPROVE my business efficiency and results. Now do you understand why it’s the best $10 you’ll spend in your business?

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