How to Successfully NOT Create a Joint Venture Course

Coffee chat - how NOT to create a joint venture course

We recently avoided becoming co-creators of a fine joint venture course.  However, we did create something – two things in fact – with a happy result. If you’re considering partnering up for a similar project, you might want to read our story and take note of these FOUR important lessons we learned. Get ready for…

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Affiliate Marketing 101: The Nuts & Bolts with Real Life Examples

Fill your affiliate marketing basket with these nuts and bolts

You might have read my story about Bob the mechanic… so you’re aware that there are people and businesses out there who make money by referrals. And no, it’s not just real estate agents capitalizing on this amazingly simple enterprise.  Chances are even AFTER reading Bob’s story you have more questions then answers, right? I…

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4 Critical Elements of a Digital Strategy Straight from the Trenches

Map of 4 critical elements of an effective digital strategy

Tell the truth.  Your online business hasn’t come to fruition without a fair share of blood, sweat, and tears, right?  It’s not an easy under taking… rolling out your digital shingle.  There’s a huge amount of time and money invested JUST to get it to start churning, much less bringing in regular income!  And if…

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How I Make Money without Doing a Damn Thing

Woman making money while relaxing in the sun

You don’t have to be a seasoned online entrepreneur to know about programs to make money in the digital space.  Heck, if you have even ONE social media profile like Facebook, you’ve seen plenty of ads as you scroll through your personal newsfeed… everything from Squatty Potty to Poo Pouri (YES! Those are REAL products that…

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