10 Steps to a ConvertKit Migration

How ConvertKit changed email marketing success for me

Every good business decision needs an equally good implementation plan.  And that’s just as true for your email service provider as it is your financial budgeting process.  And if you’ve followed me very long, you know I’m a die hard ConvertKit fan. Really, you shouldn’t even consider another email service provider.   If you’ve made…

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Increase Discovery Calls by 35%

Light-bulb-moment tip for increasing discovery calls

If you’re on my email list, or have networked with me on social media, you’ve probably learned I like to share awesome resources that have massively helped my business.  Today, I’m gonna share a Ninja trick I use every day in my business that gets me eight discovery calls per week, on average. My freelance career…

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The Secret Ingredient That Can Change Your Business Overnight

Paper clips are useful and here's a better organization tool

As a freelancer I have used LOTS of different email marketing service providers.  Between you and me, I actually get aggravated by having to do that.  I mean, think about it…  Imagine having to have intermediate knowledge of most email marketing service providers out there to serve clients.  It’s almost an impossible task! The ones I’ve…

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14 Tips to Improve Social Media Hustle

14 Tips to Improve Social Media Hustle Clipboard Image

If you’re an online service provider such as myself, then a social media presence is necessary to succeed.  And it really doesn’t matter if you like doing your social media ‘to-do’ list or not.  I’m of the mind that if you have a task you avoid, no matter the reason, figure out a way to…

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The #1 Secret to Viral Content on Social Media

#1 Social Media Secret to Viral Content

I’ve shared with you my pain point when it comes to social media many times, the time it takes to complete all the needed tasks. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.  I’d love nothing more than to build an amazing content feed that fosters active engagement…

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