1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

You know, I’ve spent more than $38k on coaching the last four years. It’s the best action leap of faith I’ve ever taken.

Wanna know why?

The results.

You can focus on that number all day, every day, and you will never be anything but scared, and stuck where you are indefinitely… Until you make up your mind to step out and put some skin in the game…

Your business will never grow.

See, they are both tied together… your growth and the business growth you need. Until you learn the lesson yourself, you won’t reap the reward in your business.

That’s a scary realization, isn’t it? #sorrynotsorry

Because it’s my job to be a catalyst for growth for you and your business. So whatever it takes to make you snap out of it and get your butt in gear, that’s what I’ll do. Tough love all the way, baby… that’s the kind of coach I am.

I am going to challenge you, stretch you, push you out of your ridiculous comfort zone, and tick you off with the amount of homework I give you… Why? Because we’re playing to win.

Some days I work just as hard on your business as I do mine, even more sometimes! And if I’m busting my butt so you can hit those goals, you bet your buns I’m going to expect the same of you.

Your online business strategy, business growth, personal development, productivity… ALL the tools you need to turn this thing around… is a joint effort. I can hand deliver you a plan that will bring in $250k in a year or two.

But if you don’t take the action and do the work… it’s worthless.

So, are you going to just sit there and not put some sweat equity in… be a worthless weight in your business and watch it wither and die?

Or are you going to say, “That’s enough. I’m finished with doing this everyone else’s way. I’m betting on me. I’m figuring this junk out. Hold my beer and watch…”

Because I’m ready for you. Are you ready for the results?

Strategic Action Plan Call


  • > business goals outlined
  • > strategic implementation plan to reach goals
  • > service offers mapped out
  • > lead generation process mapped out
  • > swipe files & templates for systems, processes, and productivity

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Six Months of Weekly Coaching

starts at $5,000.00

  • > design content upgrade, core offers, value ladder, and service packages
  • > create sales process for all items listed above
  • > map out passive income stream through affiliate marketing, referral program, and digital product creation
  • > project management for client projects and business growth projects
  • > productivity, systems & processes optimization
  • > create long term strategy for skills growth

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Twelve Months of Weekly Coaching

starts at $10,000.00

  • > same as three month features including the following
  • > create work life balance, and deal with any mindset blocks
  • > manage negative client situations and properly document to avoid in the future
  • > tweak and optimize sales process and discovery call performance to close more calls effectively
  • … and MORE!

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