Google Productivity Bundle:
Get more done in less time!

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If you're an online service provider of any kind… you need more TIME every. single. day.

The bundle teaches you how to….

  • Be more productive with the time you have
  • Set client, project, and your business task priorities so that nothing gets left undone, or done late
  • Manage your life right along with your business
  • Organize your file management & bookmarks for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Use smart phone apps to GAIN control of life again without losing more time or your ever loving mind

And so much more!


April Lewis is a digital and affiliate marketing consultant helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with their strategy, creating recurring passive income streams.

April transformed her business, taking her monthly affiliate income from zero to $4k in just under 9 months. Now she helps coaching client and course students achieve so much more with on target strategy and customized marketing plans for their businesses.

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