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How to Get the Most Out of Your Day with Google Calendar

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Recently I took on the daunting task of revolutionizing not just my work day, but my weeks, months, and yes, even my life using Google calendar. I had to figure out a way for my work life as an entrepreneur and my personal life to co-exist without sacrificing productivity or self care.

Oh yeah… seems simple, right? Well, what if I said that through my weeks of trying this out, I happened across a way to do just that? So without further ado, How to Get the Most Out of Your Day with Google Calendar.

If you’re interested in Acuity Scheduling, the tool I mention in the video, here are some helpful links:

  1. Acuity Scheduling-I’ve written a massive blog post on how to use Acuity as a CRM, course tool, coaching session manager, webinar scheduler, and MORE.
  2. Acuity Made Easy-Learn how to use one of the best tools around. This course will be a step by step video tutorial on how to use the most popular features of this amazing tool. AND some ninja tricks Acuity can do that aren’t so well known. PLUS… if you sign up for Acuity using my affiliate link, you’ll get access to this course for FREE! Just email me proof of purchase to support (at) aprildlewis (dot) com.
  3. And here’s a blog post on how to use Acuity to increase your discovery calls.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, boot strapper, or killing it in your business, Acuity will be the best $10/month you’ll spend in your business. Annual payments will save you one month per year, too. And they have a decent affiliate program that’s an easy, EASY sell. Because, everyone NEEDS an online schedule if you’re into digital marketing of any kind.

And if you need help getting your systems and processes in place, I’ve got just the thing….

Digital Strategy Made Easy

If you’re a Web Designer, Digital Marketer, Health Coach, Life Coach, or Virtual Assistant, my Digital Strategy Made Easy can help you go from stalled to stellar in just a few short months.

The strategy includes:

  • how to focus on three core offers and maximize your earning potential through layering offers, adding affiliate income opportunities, and increasing sales call conversions with potential clients
  • amazing tools and resources I use in my own business that help me be more efficient, productive, and professional with your services like a complete sales funnel to customize, email sequence swipe files, sales training, etc.

This bundle is the foundation for the best income igniting business pivot you’ve ever seen.

Now, are you ready to take action with me? Let’s do this!

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