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The easiest and quickest
way to make TONS of money...


is selling other people's stuff!

I tell people this all the time...

At a minimum, you need to make enough money every month to support your business and your family...

But there are only so many hours in a day!

And most of you are doing a couple of very important things, the not so profitable way... by trading dollars for hours.

Without going down a rabbit hole about how your business model is set up to get paid for services, let me just say this...

You will never end the cycle of always having MORE work, LESS time, and NOT ENOUGH money...

UNLESS you...

Charge more, which most people are too scared to do...

OR Sell someone else's stuff.

All that networking you already do to get more clients can include strategies that will also get you affiliate & referral sign ups...

Which can end the worrying about IF potential clients will hire you and WHERE you'll find the time to fit their project into your already packed work day!

This is exactly why I created...

Branded Background (4)

See, when I was an online service provider struggling to make $2k/month and more...

I learned two lessons that helped catapult my income to $4k/month and beyond.

  1. How to create a content marketing plan to promote a recurring affiliate offer
  2. How to sell other people's high ticket offers

To this day, these are the two main strategies I use in my business every month to earn a minimum of $2k/month in passive income.

That doesn't count 1:1 coaching, group programs, digital products, or anything other revenue streams for my business...

I'm talking $2k/month minimum in ONLY passive affiliate & referral income...

Just sharing about products & services I use and love with anyone around me that needs help the same way I did.

I share these two strategies
and so much more in the new
Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program.
Take a look...

Here’s everything you get...

  1. Master Affiliate Marketing Program Content  ($3,500)
  2. Weekly Group Calls ($1,000)
  3. Access to Passive Income Machine Course ($300)
  4. Access to Modern Day Affiliate Course ($100)
  5. Access to Create & Launch Your Affiliate Program Course ($500)
  6. Access to PLR Content Library of 200+ blog posts, dozens of email sequences, social media posts, and social media memes ($500)
  7. Voxer, Slack, Email, and Private Message Access to Yours Truly for the Year ($$$$$)
  8. And so much more!

PLUS... you'll get access to an SEO Researched Content Calendar for B2B Affiliate Offers!

You'll be able to use this content calendar to create affiliate content for...

  • Your website, blog, or newsletters
  • Your content upgrades and opt-in bonuses
  • Your social media accounts
  • The foundational interviews with experts
  • Your audio or video marketing
  • Your podcasts

The B2B Affiliate Content Calendar ALONE is valued at $1,000!

TOTAL VALUE = $6,900+

And you can have all of this for an
insanely valuable offer of JUST

Join the Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program
and accelerate your results!

This course is one of the best things
I've ever created.
But don't just take my word for it...

Affiliate training testimonial from Patti Haus
Affiliate Marketing Course Participant Review

I just wanted to give a shout out of love to April who is an absolute freaking genius. April, you are an amazing woman with an amazing brain and I adore you... 16 sales in 24 hours, woo-hoo! $470 for sending out one email.

April helped me map out an ENTIRE affiliate income structure which will bring me FIVE new streams of income, layering it all together beautifully, in one hour!  Her brain is freaking amazing and she is definitely not afraid to get into the nitty-gritty with you!

I've spent over $60K on sub-par business education from "gurus".  

April is different. She's the real deal and gives a lot of value.

Absolutely worth the investment!

~Jessica L.

I had always heard about affiliate income and even signed up for a few affiliate programs, but I never did anything with them because I really had no idea how to even get started promoting them.

When I heard about April's Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program, I knew it was perfect for someone like me who really needed a 101 education on how to promote affiliate offers and use them to create an additional revenue stream.

April literally walks you through each and every step on how to start earning affiliate income from how to choose which offers to promote, the legal disclosures required, how to optimize your website to promote your offers, how to create the content to promote your offers, and much more.

Her program gives you actionable steps to take each week to move you along in the course, and her live coaching calls are great for getting specific questions answered as well as feedback and support.

I would definitely recommend April's Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program to anyone like me who has been wanting to learn how to promote affiliate offers to earn additional income but wasn't sure how to get started.

April's program gives you the exact roadmap you need to get you well on your way!

~Shannon A.

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Join the Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program
and accelerate your results!

But the Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program isn't for everyone…

Lifetime access to Master Affiliate Marketing requires a one-time investment of just $997.

Here's the deal...

There are no risk-free “test drives”,
no hyped-up guarantees,

Honestly, this program isn't for everyone. Most of you reading this page probably aren't the ideal participant.

For example...

Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program isn't for those who...

  • Can't stay focused and implement the skills & strategies in the program,
  • Choose to give up or change their mind on their level of commitment... it takes work.
  • Can’t afford the cost of the program… this is an investment, and one you should be prepared and ready to take financially. Don't go into debt or go hungry to join. Please. Just don't... for your sake, the other participants’ sakes, and mine...
  • Expect overnight success… the “unicorn chasers” who think they can create a one trick monkey today that will allow them to wake up to an instant six figures tomorrow.

A lot of time and effort have gone into developing, testing, refining, and proving the Master Affiliate Marketing system, ensuring my clients could achieve results consistent with what I’ve been able to achieve in my own business. And, what we’ve seen over and over again is that this program works for those who commit to spending a decent amount of time and effort to learn and practice the strategies I share.

One of my favorite quotes is...

"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it."
~Estee Lauder

I never knew what success was or could be, honestly. Or that I could have my own definition of it... until I went through the process that created Master Affiliate Marketing and its results in my own business. You can bet your buns I worked for it.

There’s no shortcut to success.
This isn’t a unicorn program.

If any of these describe you,
save yourself the time and money and leave this page.
I’m sure there’s a program for you somewhere,
but Master Affiliate Group Program isn’t it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program
and accelerate your results!