Audio Recordings for Rainmaker Retreat 2018


The Rainmaker Retreat Audio Recordings are an exclusive opportunity for 15 digital marketers who want to propel themselves into 2018 with courage, vision, and strategy to grab their copy of the live sessions, and session materials. Again, there’s a limit of 15 on this item so act now while they’re still available!

15 in stock



We’ll be having sessions on…

  • how to break through your fears an become the confident online trailblazer you’ve always wished you could… fears like imposture syndrome, fear of failure, fear of wasting time or money, fear of work/life imbalance, fear of success, and fear of failing a client
  • how to conquer the successful mindset of selling like… what you think and believe about sales, getting out of your own way, creating excitement and engagement for your offers, overcoming the no’s and the not enough money stories, persevering with passion until you reach sales goals
  • how to break down the sales process into its simplest form, ensuring more successfully signed contracts
  • how to create an expert persona and service offering that utilizes your zone of genius and draws from your most passionate place
  • AND add multiple layers of revenue to your business so you can work smarter, not harder


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