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Have a jumble of to-do's,
multiple task lists,
and NO IDEA HOW to...

create an action plan to move forward?

I see you...

Signing up for all the freebies, following all the 'in' gurus, paying for #allthecourses...

Hoping and praying you find the next big thing that's going to level up your business BEFORE anyone else finds it!

I've been there... a small fish in a big, noisy, marketing pond.

And you can search until you're blue in the face... it won't change one. single. fact.

You need to know the RIGHT steps for YOUR business, and take FOCUSED ACTION on them with an accountability partner to guide you and keep you from getting stuck.

All those freebies you have collecting dust in a cloud folder...

All those saved Facebook LIVE trainings by gurus known near and far...

All those course logins you have saved to your browser...

There is no amount of ANYTHING out there that will take your business to the next level... only consistent, actionable implementation and strategic execution can make the miraculous difference you're searching for.

That's why you need to work hand in hand with someone who's...

    • Been in the trenches as the little fish in a big pond, just like you
    • Achieved the results you want by going against the grain
    • Blazed a trail that others can follow... so they can show you how to grow & scale your business

All while being authentically YOU!

Tell the truth...

You've compared yourself to others in your space... some who present themselves as gurus.

You've seen some of their work... and maybe even signed some of their former clients to work with you.

So you know you're as good as, if not BETTER than them at what you both do.

But there's one difference... a BIG one... and that difference creates the rub.

You're making a lot less money for your efforts than they do. And that BURNS, right?!?

So you follow them. Secretly Hoping NO ONE EVER sees your search terms on Facebook or Google drop downs...

BAHAHAHA you are SUCH a creeper! You even creep on some of the people they're following to see if the answer to the mystery is ANYWHERE to be found...

You look under every digital rock you can find... to crickets.

Some of those rocks are EXPENSIVE, too!

OHHHMERGAWD... all that learning without earning you've done on your mystery quest...

Your competition is increasing their profits and you're just... what?

  • Spending money you can't afford
  • Getting deeper and deeper in debt
  • Draining your productivity and your motivation... whilst your business tanks...

And all you can think is...

There's opportunity EVERYWHERE, even for this guru TWIT!

So what the HELL am I doing wrong?!?

Answer this...

If a course launches and promises millions can be made, near and far for EVERYONE... then WHY aren't there more millionaires...?

If a guru is spawning mega miracles with the masses... then WHY are they only making a few hundred grand or maybe even their first seven digits...?

It seems to me what they're leaving in their wake instead is... empty theories that will only help a few people resourceful enough to fit together a small piece of the puzzle...

Leaving you with empty pockets from buying every virtual shiny object course and resource they've put out... And paralyzing envy that's robbed you of your rationale...

No guru. No course. No tool. NOTHING... is going to work. Except...

  1. The right strategic plan for you & your business.
  2. The right foundation of sustainability
    and scalability for you and your business.
  3. And consistent accountable action.

I know what it takes to grow and scale a business.

It's getting dirty and doing the hard work. It's taking calculated, strategic risks that get results, and getting guidance from someone with the experience to get you moving forward when you get stuck.

It's a small group setting where you can't run or hide from yourself, the truth the data reveals, and the honest opinions of others just like you.

It's straightforward, authentic, and intense. And here's where things get interesting... and it's also where most people give up. They get neck deep, things get uncomfortable, so they back off.

And IN DEEP is exactly where you want to be right now. It's where you grow and where your business grows... Thank God, FINALLY!!!

Do you want to know why that's where the real transformation takes place?

Because you learn to separate yourself from your ego. You learn that everything you thought and felt... was just that... intangibles that get you nowhere.

You attached your emotions to the idea and became invested emotionally before anything was proven.

And you are not your target market. Ever.

You can only see what’s in front of you… which is really tall weeds, distractions, squirrels, and conflicting emotions driven by confusion, stress, doubt, and overthinking.

You can’t see the big picture and how at this very moment… your choices, actions, and even your INaction is actually making your situation worse.

You can’t see what it is that people value most about you, your services, and the results you get clients... what makes you so amazing at what you do... it’s innately natural, and you don’t see HOW people could possibly value this awesome thing you take for granted.

Following advice or strategies based on someone else’s version of success and a cookie cutter plan they’re teaching EVERYONE else like a bunch of funnel soldiers… this is the worst way to leave a valuable impression in your area of expertise with potential clients.

Being authentic, valuing relational marketing, acting with integrity and not using the most common marketing tactics of the masses… THAT’s what is going to help you succeed… just being you and helping your clients do the same…

There's someone who’s done this with their own business
Created a process for you to grow forward and stand out…
And helped their clients with this same strategy…
Someone who gets RESULTS... and exactly what you NEED to succeed...

  • You need a custom strategy as unique as you and your business.
  • You need people with skills to fill in the gaps of your abilities.
  • You need a step by step plan to execute and implement.
  • You need a foundation that can be managed and scaled over time and growth.
  • You need skin in the game to make you commit and stick it through to the end through the hard transition state.

You need support and accountability to keep you going when it gets tough. And it will. Get really tough. That's why you need...

Branded Background (2)

I'm April Lewis,
Business Growth Strategist

I help online service providers scale their businesses from $2k/month to $10k/month and more by setting them up as an expert in their field and creating automated revenue streams to expedite growth WITHOUT creating busy-ness that leads nowhere.

Here’s everything you get...

  1. Rainmaker Mastermind 17 Module Program ($10,000)
  2. One Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call with Yours Truly ($3600)
  3. Two Bi-Monthly Calls with the Group ($1,000)
  4. Access to Master Affiliate Marketing Group Program ($1,500)
  5. Access to Email Marketing with ConvertKit Course ($300)
  6. Access to Beaver Builder Websites & Sales Funnels Course ($300)
  7. Access to Content Planning, Curating, and Repurposing Course ($500)
  8. Access to Rainmaker Labs for Missing Foundational Pieces of Your Business ($600)
  9. Voxer, Slack, Email, and Private Message Access to Your Truly for the Year ($$$$$)
  10. And so much more!

TOTAL VALUE = $17,800+

And you can have all of this for an
insanely valuable offer of JUST

I'm also offering a payment plan for twelve payments of $500!

Join Rainmaker Mastermind today and accelerate your results!

Everything we do in Rainmaker Mastermind
is to help you double, triple,
or ten times your revenue. Period.

Our bi-weekly meetings are focused on helping you find solutions to your business sticking points, and overcoming the excuses running around in your head, keeping you stuck.

Patti Haus says April's training is worth more than the price
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Affiliate Marketing training gets positive reviews
Benjamin D - Affiliate Marketing course is packed with great tips
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Financial transformation testimonial from coaching client
Lura Lee says Affiliate Marketing training is excellent
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Coaching client is obsessed with April's coaching style
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.04.08 AM

I just wanted to give a shout out of love to April who is an absolute freaking genius. April, you are an amazing woman with an amazing brain and I adore you... 16 sales in 24 hours, woo-hoo! $470 for sending out one email.

April helped me map out an ENTIRE income structure which will bring me FIVE new streams of income, layering it all together beautifully, in one hour!  Her brain is freaking amazing and she is definitely not afraid to get into the nitty-gritty with you!

I've spent over $60K on sub-par business education from "gurus".  

April is different. She's the real deal and gives a lot of value.

Absolutely worth the investment!

~Jessica L.

Join Rainmaker Mastermind today and accelerate your results!

But Rainmaker Mastermind isn't for everyone…

Lifetime access to Rainmaker Mastermind requires a one-time investment of just $5,000. There's also a payment plan for 12 payments of $500.

Here's the deal...

There are no risk-free “test drives”,
no hyped-up guarantees,

Honestly, this program isn't for everyone. Most of you reading this page probably aren't the ideal participant.

For example...

Rainmaker Mastermind isn't for those who can't stay focused and implement the skills & strategies in the program, and then want their money back after they choose to give up or change their mind on their level of commitment... it takes work.

It took a couple of years for me to tweak and refine these strategies in my own business. Then it took time to teach and implement the process with clients so they could get similar results.

A lot of work has gone into proving the Rainmaker Mastermind system. If you think it won't take you a decent amount of time and effort to get to the results yourself, you're sadly mistaken.

One of my favorite quotes is...

"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it."
~Estee Lauder

I never knew what success was or could be, honestly. Or that I could have my own definition of it... until I went through the process that created Rainmaker Labs and its results in my own business. You can bet your buns I worked for it.

There’s no shortcut to success.
This isn’t a unicorn program.

Rainmaker Mastermind isn't for those who can't afford the cost of the program. Don't go into debt or go hungry to join. Please. Just don't... for your sake, the other participants sakes, and mine... this is an investment, and one you should be prepared and ready to take financially.

Rainmaker Mastermind isn't for unicorn chasers who think they can create a one trick monkey today that will allow them to wake up to an instant six figures tomorrow.


There’s no shortcut to success.
This isn’t a unicorn program.

If any of these describe you,
save yourself the time and money and leave this page.
I’m sure there’s a program for you somewhere,
but Rainmaker Mastermind isn’t it.

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Join Rainmaker Mastermind today and accelerate your results!