The #1 Secret to Viral Content on Social Media

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I’ve shared with you my pain point when it comes to social media many times, the time it takes to complete all the needed tasks. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.  I’d love nothing more than to build an amazing content feed that fosters active engagement from all my readers and bring new fans into the fold.  Right now it’s just not possible.

So here I am on my favorite soap box: work smarter.

The #1 secret to viral content on social media is…  curating great content.  Notice ‘curating’ not creating.  Don’t misunderstand.  You still need to create original content as often as you can.  But for times when you just can’t, curate great content from somewhere else.  It’s super simple.  I’ll show you how.

There are Two Steps to Start Curating Great Content

Step 1:  Create an RSS feed of all your favorite blogs, news content, and alerts for Google keywords can all be filtered into your RSS feed.  Take a quick 15 minutes scroll though your feed and pull out the headlines that speak to the different topics your audience is into.

Step 2:  Use a social media campaign app to make scheduling posts streamlined.  There are several apps that will do the job. I’m currently trying out MeetEdgar. What I’m liking most about this program is that once a link is in your system and categorized, MeetEdgar puts it on auto repeat.  So the more content you upload, the bigger your ‘playlist’ becomes with less work required from you.

If you’re starting off, 1 post per day is fine per channel.  Vary the posts with graphics, quotes, feel good stories, funnies, pics, videos, etc.  Buffer tracks your reader response to the posts, too.  So you can see which posts went over well with your audience. The most popular posts, you can schedule again, on a different day and time of course.

#1 Social Media Secret to Viral Content


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