Sick and tired of struggling to get consistent clients and cash?!?

As an online service provider, you need more than just business growth strategies... you need a proven, effective online business strategy that gets measurable RESULTS.

You need to have confidence about the steps you're taking in your business so you can let go of doing #allthethings for everyone else as an online service provider and focus your efforts on implementing and growing YOUR business.

And having the freedom to choose is something I offer to all potential clients. Because...

We are all unique. Our businesses are all unique.
And our business struggles... are all unique.

To build your business foundation, propel your bottom line forward, and leverage your future freedom, you need a unique, custom fit strategy.

That's why I offer four choices to work with me. And these four options can be customized and tweaked and scaled for your exact business needs.

  1. The “one and done” VIP Day
  2. One on one coaching
  3. Group mastermind
  4. Self study program

The VIP Day

If you’re interested in a one-and-done solution, you’re in for a MASSIVE treat. Here’s how it goes…

We hop on the phone for a nice LONG chat, and I  completely brain mine you for information on what makes you and your business tic. I deliver a custom solution unique to your business that can have anywhere from 6-12 months worth of strategy for you to create and implement on your own and at your own pace.

I mean, there can be up to 30 topics covered during our time together, sometimes more. Depends on your business and what we come up with. No matter how many points it covers, all of them will be a step by step guide for you to go from stalled to stellar in your biz.

VIP Days are PERFECT for the self motivated who want to get in, get dirty, get out, and get on with building #allthethings.

One on One Coaching

Ongoing one on one coaching has a different vibe as we work together. And allows for flow and change as your business grows along. We create, implement, and tweak in real time together on focused topics.

It starts with an onboarding session that’s a few hours long where we’ll build a strategy to go by for the next three months or so. Then we’ll meet weekly to tackle each project one at a time, in order of priority.

You’ll be responsible for weekly homework and I’ll review and give feedback on each and every step along the way.

What’s great about ongoing coaching is I also get to help you with mindset stuff that keeps being a stumbling block for you. OR help you resolve problem situations that arise with client work.

So if you want a custom, hand in hand, evolving, growth experience, then 1:1 coaching is right for you.

The Group Mastermind

If you love the magic that's created by a motley mix of like minded, focused, committed, and motivated individuals, then you have GOT to be in my next mastermind cohort!

The group mastermind is for online service providers who need to tweak and optimize their business to reap the full benefits their hard work can provide.

But hands down, one of the biggest benefits to a group program at this level is the synergy and accountability that comes from experienced, creative individuals who are willing to offer their genius with other group participants AND accept the same in return... creating an amazing 'a rising tide lifts all boats' experience for everyone.

Start taking action and make shift happen.