ConvertKit Strategy & Consulting Services

Need a little magic sprinkle on your email marketing?

S'wonderful, s'mahvelous, that I fell in love... with ConvertKit.  I kid you not.  AND I'm one of the FIRST FOUR people hand picked by ConvertKit as a ConvertKit Certified Expert.  They reached out to me in late May of 2016 because of all the assistance I've provided in their Facebook group.  I was truly flattered. But more importantly, I was ECSTATIC... because I get to help people with a platform I LOVE!

To build your email marketing foundation, jumpstart your list building in earnest, and leverage your most valuable business asset, you need a strategic, custom email marketing plan.

That's why I offer three choices to work with me. And these three options can be customized, tweaked and scaled for your exact business needs.

  1. ConvertKit Jump Start Bundle
  2. One on One Coaching Hour for Strategy & Training
  3. Comprehensive Account Audit and Strategic Planning

One on One Coaching Hour for Strategy & Training

For those of you who a little hand holding or have lots of questions, then a one on one training & strategy hour would be the best fit.

We'll hop on a call and find solutions to all your ConvertKit and email marketing questions that will give you results for your unique business needs.

Comprehensive Account Audit & Strategic Planning

For those ready to make it rain now and come with the thunder, then my comprehensive ConvertKit Account Audit & Strategic Plan will get you stellar results.