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April D. Lewis

Digital Marketing Coach

April Lewis is a digital marketing coach, tiny house enthusiast, and nomadic traveler. She currently works as a coach and consultant helping online service providers create effective conversion strategies to grow and scale their businesses. And she’s on a mission to visit every US National Park, courtesy of her passive income stream.


When she’s not busy camping around the US, April likes to sing louder than the radio, collect amazing souvenirs like seashells and tumbleweed, eat way too much Hellman’s mayonnaise, and teach students the exact same steps she used to build her own scaleable income.

She also believes she can teach you her greatest skill...
how to see money everywhere.

Keynote Topics

How to Layer Services & Affiliate Offers to Increase Income

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to have your first $5k month or if you’ve been making 6 figures a year for a decade now… EVERYONE loves passiv-ish income!

I’m going to show you how I went from $0 to $1k in 6 months with a technique I call Layering Offers. We’ll talk about your current services, packages, affiliate products, courses, and masterminds… and how knowing exactly how to solve your clients and potential clients pain points can be the difference between taking on a $1k project that you’d rather not do over 6 weeks or…  earning $1050.00 referral fee for a 45 minute phone call instead.

You’ll never look at potential client calls and value added chat threads on social media the same again!

How to See Money Everywhere

From the type of coffee you’re fanatical about, the camping chair you use, the WordPress plugin that’s on every site you see, and yes, even that indispensable VA that saves you every time you need bailing out… there’s an income opportunity waiting around every corner in life and in business.

Lots of people know about affiliate marketing but still have questions like, "what is affiliate marketing and how do you make decent money at it?" Others think it’s too salesy and that people won’t be receptive to what you’re sharing. And then some people don’t even know there’s such a thing as affiliate marketing or passive income for that matter.

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, I can help show you how to look at your everyday life and business with a new set of eyes… that see money everywhere!

Simple & Strategic Content Hacks for the Non-Blogger

Now let’s see, this week I have to write 2k words in blog posts, not to mention the social media posts that need planned out, OH and my YouTube channel needs another on brand video too, but my Facebook paid group has been expecting a live on the new course I just dropped in their dashboard… oh PLUS I’m doing a free workshop with my biz bestie later in the week for our quarterly re------ AND….

OHMERGAWDDDDD the content beast is a mighty hungry but powerful monster, isn’t it?

Analysis paralysis is quite cheesy and overused but very applicable in this case. I know. I’ve lived it. BUT I’ve also overcome it. So there’s hope, my friends!

Join me as I teach you a simple way to come up with a quarterly content plan and multi purpose your content across all your platforms so your subscribers never feel bored OR neglected.

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