Time Management – How To Increase Productivity with Google Calendar

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Recently I took on the daunting task of revolutionizing not just my work day, but my weeks, months, and yes, even my life using Google calendar. I had to figure out a way for my work life as an entrepreneur and my personal life to co-exist without sacrificing productivity or self care.

Oh yeah… seems simple, right? Well, what if I said that through my weeks of trying this out, I happened across a way to do just that? So without further ado, How to Get the Most Out of Your Day with Google Calendar.

If you’re interested in Acuity Scheduling, the tool I mention in the video, here are some helpful links:

  1. Acuity Scheduling-I’ve written a massive blog post on how to use Acuity as a CRM, course tool, coaching session manager, webinar scheduler, and MORE.
  2. And here’s a blog post on how to use Acuity to increase your discovery calls.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, boot strapper, or killing it in your business, Acuity will be the best $10/month you’ll spend in your business. Annual payments will save you one month per year, too. And they have a decent affiliate program that’s an easy, EASY sell. Because, everyone NEEDS an online schedule if you’re into digital marketing of any kind.

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