VIP Strategy Call

This call is one-on-one strategy consulting that will rock your business foundation!

Gain peace of mind and confidence KNOWING you have a solid strategy
with step-by-step instructions for the next 3-6 months. Imagine what it would be like knowing...

  • WHAT to implement
  • HOW to implement it
  • and WHEN each step should be prioritized for maximum growth and success

We will cover everything from your services to leads, affiliate marketing, course ideation, content plans, productivity, tools, and MORE! Your plan will have it ALL.

VIP days are intense calls full of custom business growth strategies created just for YOU. We'll identify three solid revenue streams mapped out for your core services, a lead generation funnel strategy, three affiliate offers to promote via a content funnel, a content outline, etc.

Benefits of a VIP Strategy Call MAY include:

  1. Recording of entire session for future reference
  2. List of resources recommendations including apps, software, platforms, programs, etc. that you’ll need to efficiently and effectively run your business
  3. Next steps that will tell you what you should do first, second, etc. so you can walk through the plan in the most effective order
  4. One 30 minute follow up call within 1-2 weeks after strategy is delivered
  5. A big picture overview of where your business is currently
  6. Ideal client/target market suggestions
  7. Define your unique selling proposition, what makes you stand out
  8. Three core services, their packaging and pricing… either tweaking services you currently provide or creating new and improved services to offer in your area of expertise
  9. Lead generation process for each of the three core services
  10. Client onboarding workflow
  11. Freebie/content upgrade ideation for three core offers
  12. An email marketing strategy
  13. 3 core affiliate offers to promote
  14. Affiliate blog post & content upgrade ideation, and affiliate offer email marketing strategy
  15. Training for effective networking on Facebook